For hackers to collaborate with each other, there is Github and Bitbucket. There are also forums like stack overflow.


For designers there are solutions like Zeplin, InVision, Abstract and Wake.


Hustlers are the soul of the startup. They are generally the humans who think the idea, and grow it into a vision. There is nothing for them to grow their idea in a collaborative environment like the ones mentioned above, until the Preseed App.

The Preseed App will enable the entrepreneurs to solidify their idea in an open collaborative environment of questions and answers from their network. This in turn will enable them to create their identity as a thinking hustling human around their idea.

Imaging a platform made up of only startup decks. This can be that. Entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs will have so much to learn from it apart from better collaboration and sharing of such decks with team members and investors. (Phase 2)

Preseed App + Preseeded

Preseed App - for those who want to startup.
Preseeded - for those who want to grow their team and productivity straight out of chats. Preseeded represents the list of features we have created to build a social network of action.
Collectively, this is the answer to onboarding and retention for Zoho, now, as a social network of action.

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